image I’m really excited.

There’s a long weekend coming up here in the UK and Michael and I are taking a few extra days and going on holiday! We’re going to Scandinavia! Yay!

My Dad’s side of the family originally came from this part of the world and I’ve always felt a strong affinity for it. We’ve spent some time in Sweden in the past (which I LOVED!) and this time we’ll be in Norway.

I’m looking forward to spending a few days relaxing with Michael as he is such a hard worker and hasn’t had a vacation for ages. I’m looking forward to the beautiful scenery in Norway and will hopefully get some good photos. I’m really looking forward to being somewhere completely new, hearing a new language, meeting new people, and tasting new foods. I’m also looking forward to not having to pronounce my name, ha, ha :)

I am not sure whether there will be internet where we’re going. If there is, I’ll hopefully get the chance to post a few pics, if there isn’t, it’ll be a few days until I’m here again :)

Please do keep us in your prayers and see you soon hopefully.


~ by Birgit on August 21, 2008.

20 Responses to “Scandinavia”

  1. Oh I love travel! I hope you have a wonderful trip. And to be able to have a vacation together, that is the icing on the cake. Have fun!

  2. aaah… scandinavia: the birthplace of ikea! :-)

    have a wonderful time!

  3. Have a wonderful holiday!

    So your ancestors were Vikings!?!?! wow.

  4. Hi @ngie, thanks so much, that’s great you love travel, have you ever been to Europe? I’ll take lots of pics to post so you can see some of the gorgeous fjords we visit – can’t wait! :)


    Hi alece – and Volvo, and ABBA! :)


    Hi Michelle – yeah, I think so :) And English and Maori on Mum’s side, what about your ancestry?

  5. Well, thanks for asking! Mostly Irish with some English and German thrown in for good measure. Carlisle, Niles, Burton and Ludke are my grandparents’ surnames.

    I look more Irish than anything else — covered in freckles and redhair, with much blarney to share. ;)

    Celtic Women…love them!!!

  6. Celtic features are gorgeous, love the auburn and red hair, fair skin, light eyes – gorgeous! Did I mention that I was born in Germany? My Dad’s German, so we have the German part in common :)

  7. Celtic is beautiful, and btw Michelle, I love the new picci of you and sam:)

    Birgit do you speak German?

    Yay for travel!:) Have a cool time, I’m sure you are going to get the most amazing pics!! Ok, so 2 questions: what camera do you have and are you trained or did you teach yourself (to take pics I mean) and one more: I’m sure the answer is here somewhere but how DO you pronounce your name? I figured its just like Brigit only Birgit? ;)

  8. Hi rg (is it OK to call you rg?) I don’t speak German, only basic conversational stuff, although I understand quite a bit. We moved back to NZ when I was a baby. Do you speak Afrikaans?
    My camera is a Canon EOS. I don’t have any training, I’m just learning as I go, but I really love it, and when Micheal saw my love for it, he did some research and found this Canon and gave it to me for Christmas, bless him, which I’ve loved using :).
    My name is pronounced Birg (as in ice ‘berg’ ) – it (as in ‘it’ is a nice day :)) Birg-it. It’s the Scandinavian version of Bridget :)

  9. Ah!:) So Birg-it will be right at home in Norway! I am originally afrikaans, but went to an english school all my life and my sister married an english guy and my dad was overseas for a long time, so in the end we have become an english family.
    Your photos are really beautiful so either you or that canon is doing a good job!:) (oh yeah, no problem with the rg)

  10. Thanks for the compliments…although when I said “Celtic Women…love them!” I was referring to the singers

    :lol: I wasn’t asking for the compliments, but it was nice to hear anyway! ;)

    Thanks, Ripple! Isn’t Sam gorgeous!?!

    So we just might be related, Birgit, somewhere down the line??

    In Christ I suppose we are — Love you!

  11. Hey world traveller, I pray travel mercies over you and blessings of peace and rest! God bless you and have a wonderful time.

  12. That’s so good that you are bilingual rg! I have friends from SA here in London, and love the way they move between Afrikaans and English.
    I’m so happy you like the photos :)


    That’s so funny Michelle, I’ll have to check out the ‘Celtic Women’ link :) … Yes, you never know, we may be related way back, and definitely as sisters now, love you too :)


    Hee, hee, Hope – you’ll be on a plane quite soon too huh? :) Thanks so much for praying, and your blessings, I am so looking foward :)

  13. Wow. Your life is so exciting. I am so happy for you that you get to see so much of the world. Your stories are wonderful. I keep coming back for more!! :-)

  14. Hi boundbyfaith, that’s so great, I am hoping to take lots of photos, so do visit again to see, God bless :)

  15. I don’t know if you’ve left yet…but have a wonderful holiday…I’m sure the Lord will give you plenty of blogging material while you’re gone!! I hope there is internet…we’ll miss our B!!!!

    Love to you sister!

  16. Have a wonderful time B. I will be praying for safe travel and a good time for you and hubby to connect. Love you and looking forward to seeing pictures XO

  17. Hey! Just wanna say have a wonderful, safe travel!

    Take care! :-)

  18. I’m so excited to see some pictures and hear about your trip! I keep checking everyday, just in case. :)

  19. Yeah, missing your posts!:)

  20. Thank you to each of you for your lovely messages for our time in Norway and also your prayer. We have just arrived home and had such an amazing time. Things went wrong on the way over, so it was a time of trusting God too, I’ll post more about it in the next couple of days, but I just wanted to say thanks so much in the meantime for your kind messages,
    love Birgit :)


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