Cherries and Hollyhock

Cherries and Window

I discovered Hollyhock this week.

Michael and I were out for a walk, and took a new path, and found this  cottage set amongst a garden of this beautiful flower – pink and crimson and primrose. The cottage had been turned into a cafe, with this long verandah where people sat in the afternoon sun, and looked out at the garden, and drank their coffee.  

We followed the path further, and there was white jasmine on a vine. I adore jasmine, with its delicate flower and its delicate scent, and I stopped for a while just to breathe it in.

I feel as if my week has been full of moments like this.

The thing is I am keeping my eyes open for them because more than ever lately,  I feel as if time is passing by so quickly. This summer, Michael and I will have lived in the UK for seven years, and it’s the classic thing for me of not knowing where all the time has gone. Your lives are a vapour, God says to us (James 4:14), ‘my days are but a breath!’ (Job 7:16). Redeem the time, we are told (Ephesians 5:16). Rejoice and be glad in this day that the Lord has made (Psalm118:24.)

And so in the middle of the pedestrian and the everyday, I am keeping watch for those moments of beauty and joy that God gift-wraps for us. I don’t want to pass them by. I want to use my time well. Walking close with Him. Trying to love well. Delighting in Him.

And the cherries? Another very small thing that made me smile this week – a whole breakfast of them. They looked plump and red and exquisite on the kitchen bench in the morning sun, so I took one or two photos. Hope you enjoy them too.

Red Cherries I 


~ by Birgit on June 20, 2009.

13 Responses to “Cherries and Hollyhock”

  1. :) I could picture this cottage in the garden setting as you described it here and it sounds so lovely! I love how God blesses us with personal gifts in everyday life, reminds me that He knows our hearts… The cherries do look exquisite! :)

  2. MMMMmmm savouring them with you! Had one of those moments at work last week. It’s so good to take stock of where we are.Blessings. xxx

  3. Dear Birgit:

    The new nifty computer with its wizard technology, Christopher has prescribed me, entices me to leave a note on your page for the first time.

    Thank you for sharing your cherry-photograph with all of us.

    I am somewhat fascinated by the fact, that rather small and seemingly insignificant items can attract your [inner-] eye and entice you to captivate them with your camera.
    I couldn’t agree more, that at times the very small things in nature [and in life] – seemingly mundane and taken for granted – contain incredible meaning and beauty.
    This applies exactly to your cherry-photograph – beautifully ripened fruit, aimlessly tossed on the kitchen-bench – but as an array of fruit, complete in growth and therefore harvested – seemingly containing a silent message designed to make us happy.

    Since reading the heartbreaking account of a blind person many years ago, yearning to only see the blue sky and the green hills, I am not taken for granted anymore the gift – our ability – of seeing !

    As a daily gift from my redeemer and part of the very early morning of a taxi-driver, I therefore regard the intensely blue-red sky just before day-break, the silvery layers of early-morning-sunlit fog, stretching in long patches above Wellington-Harbour and wrapping around its surrounding hills and ridges – and all the mechanisms, interactions and occurrences of a city, readying itself for a new day – a rich tapestry of intriguing and envigorating visuals and activities, into which could be inserted your lovely ‘cherry-moment’.

    Thinking of the poor blind person, I am so grateful – feel so enriched and privileged – that I am actually able to see and take in all of this !

    Therefore, Birgit, I can only encourage you, that in fact you really do make good use of your eyes: to captivate these small moments – and your heart: in taking the initiative by sharing these small wonders with all of us !

    Love, Dad.

  4. I found you through the CWO blogroll. What a wonderful post! I feel peaceful just from reading it!!!

  5. Cherries look great – remind me of France.
    Regarding time – wait for another 20 years – it will just fly by!!Make the most of every day – it won’t come again.
    How do you interpret ‘redeem’? Do you mean for yourself, or for others – interesting to know.
    Lorraine x

  6. Cherries for breakfast…what joy!

    I loved stopping to smell the white jasmine with you. Ours blooms early in Texas. It’s one of the first smells of Spring.

    He is so good to us, Birg. To slow down and enjoy His daily gifts is to envelope ourselves in His love. Here’s to slowing down! :)

    May His blessings pour down upon your head. Love you!

  7. You do realize of course how you touch His heart when you express such joy in His creation and in life.

  8. You are so lucky that you found this quaint cafe! Two weeks ago I went to the Botanic Garden with my two little guys, what a change from the city.

    What a beautiful cherry picture. Reminds me of my one year old munching on them, he loves them! I try to hold on to these little happy moments with my child. I know I will forget them, but at least I can enjoy them while they are happening.

  9. How easily we let time be the spil of our lives, instead of it being the moment. Thank you for sharing the beauty of the Creation, the detail of the created… And I loved your Dad’s note, so very special.

  10. Birgit this is the tranquility that I want to permeate my life. Jasmine are amongst my favorite as well.

    Your photography is splendid, as always. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love the cherries and the message. Enjoying the simple things in life is what it’s all about!

  12. Hi Rain, you probably came across similar settings when you lived here? Of course this gives me another chance to encourage you to come and visit us again here in London, so you can see the cafe in the Hollyhock in person! :D


    They were beautiful, Laura :) So great that you can relate to these moments! Blessings to you xo


    What a treat, Dad! So lovely to see your reply – isn’t Chris awesome, sorting out an upgrade for your computer! Love him!

    The way you described Wellington in the early morning brought me right back. I love Wellington. I remember living in the centre of town and waking early to go down to the harbour as the sun came up. So I have a picture of what you see each day from your taxi, and you are right, it is a gift from God.

    I love that you see beauty and meaning in the small, everyday things too, Dad. Lots of love to you xo


    Hi Alisa, that’s so great :) So glad you stopped by, welcome anytime.


    Hi Aunty Lorraine, yeah, I can just imagine! Especially if the last ten years are anything to go by ;)

    Redeem the time?” I understand this as using the time God has given me well, making the most of every opportunity as He leads.

    Lots of love xo


    “Here’s to slowing down!” – Love that, Michelle! :)

    Isn’t the fragrance of jasmine divine?!

    Like Rain, you will have come across beautiful English countryside settings having lived here for years? You’re another blogging friend who will have to come and visit over here again sometime, God-willing, it would be so fun to meet you in person! :D

    Lots of love and blessings xo

  13. Hope, you are such a blessing, what a beautiful thing to say. Love to you, friend xo


    Susanne, it’s so lovely to see your reply and hear stories about your life with little Erion. He will be 14 months now?! It’s so lovely that he loves cherries too, and that you are enjoying these moments of his life. You will have to take lots of pictures so his Aunty in London can see them! Much love to you xo


    This is so true, Des, I love the way you put that – that we can let our time spill. I used to find myself so busy, so tired, and as I’ve worked to slow things down in my life over the past months, I truly find such joy in the ‘moments’ as you say here. It’s such a blessing. Love you dear friend. Looking forward to strawberries and prayer in the park tomorrow evening xo


    @ngie, I love the way you put that too – tranquillity permeating your life. I so relate. May we grow in experiencing more of His peace. Thank you too for being encouraging.


    Hi Cyndi – “enjoying the simple things” – so true, knowing that He delights in giving us these good gifts every day :) God bless.


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