Summer Day in London

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I was a tourist in my own city today.

It was my first Thursday off in ages, and Michael had a business meeting in the city, so I went in with him and spent the day seeing all over again why I love this city!

I spent a lot of the time just walking, taking photos of things that took my eye, mostly of the famous London scenes I love. And wow it was hot! We’re having a bit of a heat wave at the moment. Today was supposed to be 32 degrees (about 90 Fahrenheit), I’m not sure if we got there, but it definitely felt like we did. Lots of cold-diet-coke-from-the-fridge stops along the way :). You can see from the pics how beautiful it is with all this sunshine.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and that they give a bit of sense of London on a summer day …


~ by Birgit on July 2, 2009.

11 Responses to “Summer Day in London”

  1. Lovely! So, that furry creature seemed kinda small to be a llama. Maybe a baby llama? Or an alpaca?

    Looks like a wonderful city to wonder around in. Maybe I will make it there someday…

  2. Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures, they make me miss Europe even more, and I wish I had visited London before!

  3. Good point @ngie, he may have been an llama! Yeah, I was thinking he was an alpaca … hmmmm, hard to say for sure ;)

    Yes, yes! Come and visit us in London. It would be so fun to meet you in person! :D


    You will love London, dear Susanne! Next time you’re home in Munich, you must come over and stay with us, and we can see these places together :) Lots of love xo

  4. Birgit, I so enjoy being a passive tourist with you. It doesn’t matter where you go, your photos are so filled with life that I feel as if I’ve been there!

  5. I loved your photos Birgit! You made me quite heart-sick (in a good way;). London is a wonderful city, there really is something magical about it (excuse me for getting all sentimental here;) but it really is! I’m hoping to visit there next summer!! Yay:)

  6. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. I miss the sidewalk art the most, I think. Such fun to watch the artists put so much attention to their work, but the sadness of a heavy rain washing it all away…it’s a futile task, but done with such love.

    Lovely pics, Birg! Thanks.

  7. That makes me so happy, Hope, I’m so glad you feel you have a sense of the different places :) I hope you’re well friend.


    You’re coming to visit, Rain?! YAY! Well God-willing it goes all goes ahead we will definitely have to meet up, YAY! :) Yeah, I can understand how you would miss London, and have lovely memories of it – I think I’ll feel the same way when we go home to live in NZ.


    I know exactly what you mean Michelle! I love watching the artists too, and the amazing work they create. One of the things I love about living in Europe is when you come across an artist at an easel in a town square, or beside a river, I find them as fascinating to watch as the art they create :)

  8. Birgles, you have such a wonderful eye for photography. I can imagine and feel the fabulous day that you had :-) I always remember our walk around Holborn and alongside the Thames discussing the Davinci Code! Love to you and Michael xx Em

  9. Hi Em, it’s so lovely to hear from you :), I was just thinking of you not so long ago. Yeah, this was a gorgeous day, and yes, I remember our walk around Holborn too, with little Amelia when she was a baby. I love our conversations, and look forward to more when I’m next home, or you visit us here ;) Much love xo

  10. Makes me homesick for London :-) Miss you too Birgs xx

  11. Hi Kaz :) So lovely to hear from you! It may not be too long ’til you get to see this all again in person, I hear? I really hope so – I’m hanging out for another of our coffee and catch ups, lots of love to you guys! xo


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