For Today

imageI am getting ahead of myself, God. 

I am looking at the path ahead, weary with worry.

Today, now, with You, I’m OK.

Today, now, there is Your presence, and there is peace, and there is manna for the road.

Today, You have led me beside the still waters, and I have found my rest.

But what about tomorrow God?

I just don’t know about tomorrow.

And I’m sure You said not to worry about that. That our tomorrows will worry about themselves.

And that Your grace is sufficient for today. And sufficient for today is its own trouble.

I think I can manage that, God. To rest in Your grace. For today.

I will trust You, God. For today, I can trust You.

I will praise You, God. For today, I can sing with the angels, and I can say with my whole heart how good You are. How good You always are.

And that path God, the one that’s not good for me, for today, at least, I will not walk by it. I will not even go near.

And I know You wait patiently for me. For me to draw away for a while, so that You can quiet me with Your love, and sing over me with tender songs. For today, I will come to You. Help me to, every day, God.

And that cross I bear, that forgiveness that breaks my heart to give, for today Lord, I will bear it and I will give it. For Your grace is sufficient, and I have more than enough for today.

For Today By Birgit Whelan © Copyright 2009


~ by Birgit on August 26, 2009.

9 Responses to “For Today”

  1. Stunning Birg. I guess the key is to stop to get the ‘enough for today’.

  2. How easy it is to find myself stuck in yesterday or running ahead to catch tomorrow, forgetting that today, this day, is the day the Lord has made to be lived in. You should just keep posting this one every day. :)

  3. Who is God? He is the Ancient of Days; the Great, Unchanging I AM; the all powerful, all mighty, all knowing, ever present Creator of the heavens and the earth, who sits on a throne crowned in glory, robed in majesty ruling sovereignly, who can not be shaken and who LOVES US! When we stop to think how big God is and how much He loves us we soar through today. Today is too big for us, and many things afflict us that we can not bear, on our own. However, through Christ we can do all things through Him who gives us strength because He is God. How sufficient is His Grace? It is all powerful, all mighty, all knowing … Without making light of our Todays it is good to remind ourselves of our God. Lots of love, Birg.

  4. Thank you Birgles – this is perfect for a worrier :-) Let us enjoy the now and be happy in the knowledge that God has our future in his hands. I have a little quote (from Kung Fu Panda actually!) that I love: “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but Today is a Gift, that’s why it’s called the Present”. Love to you, Em xx

  5. So beautiful Birgit, and such an encouragment for me this day. And I love what Hope said up there that you should just keep posting this everyday, because it is such an important reminder. He is enough for today. Thank you Birgit, love and prayers for you!

  6. Just beautifil and what I needed to read. Grace has been the key word for the last 2 days! How amazing! Thank you

  7. Birgit, this is a timeless word.

  8. Thank you so much for these lovely comments – I will be back really soon to reply in more detail xo

  9. Such a good point, Sands. Receiving from Him every day.


    Ha, ha Hope :) Yeah, I certainly need the reminder! I love this idea of growing in just focusing on the day at hand. Just being peaceful in it :).


    Wow, Carol, what an amazing reply. A powerful reminder of Who our God is, how sovereign and mighty He is, and how completely we can be at rest in Him and His grace. Thank you for this, and lots of love to you too :)


    I love that Em, great quote, ha, ha! :) True too, today is a present from God, and no matter what, He is with us! Lots of love to you my dear friend xo


    That’s so wonderful this was encouraging for you as you read it, Rain. I always find myself unsettled if I get too far ahead of myself, and it really comforts me to know that God only asks us to keep our eyes on our today, and that He holds our tomorrow :). Lots of love and blessings xo


    That’s so great Laura – it sounds like God is speaking to you! :) What a privilege it is to experience His grace, and to be able to rest in Him. Hope you’re well xo


    Thanks so much for your encouragement @ngie.


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