Belgium and The Netherlands

image Michael and I are off to Belgium and the Netherlands this weekend! I’m so looking forward to it! It will be a short break away for our last long weekend of the summer here in the UK. I hope to take lots of pictures of the places we visit and things we see, and look forward to posting these soon :) Have a lovely weekend where you are, and God bless.


~ by Birgit on August 28, 2009.

8 Responses to “Belgium and The Netherlands”

  1. Thanks… ^^
    And you, too, have a nice time (:
    P.S. I’m lovin’ the header :P

  2. iBuen Viaje! Bon Voyage! Have a great trip!

  3. wow it seems you go such fun places all the time! :) haha you need to start putting up a map of where you go so I can see where that country/place is! Or information about the countries you visit so you can educate me/culturize me (whatever that word is) so interesting!

  4. Have a great time:)

  5. Hi M.M. Ha, ha, so great you like the header! Thanks for stopping by and welcome! :)


    Hi @ngie, thanks so much, I know how much you love travelling too :). Hope you’re well, friend xo


    Hi Randi, So lovely to see you – hope you’ve had a great summer! Ha, ha, yeah I so love travelling whenever the chance comes up :) It’s deinitely one of the lovely aspects of living in Europe and having so many beautiful cities to visit so close by :). I’m looking forward to posting some photos soon. Love and blessings to you ox


    Thanks Rain! :) Lots of love xo

  6. love & blessings to you as well!!! :) have fun!

  7. You’re already there…hope your time is a blessing! Love you. xo

  8. Thanks Randi :)


    Love you Michelle, thanks so much for this. We just got back and had such a wonderful time :) xo


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