Scenes of Winter

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These are photos of a long walk I took this weekend. Winter is beautiful.

Just to add a note about the photos towards the end of the slideshow, these were taken at a local market. You’ll see a crate full of green apples, White Fruit Cake, and some fresh bread which I brought home for lunch. There was also a water fountain in the centre of the court where the village market was. We have had snow recently, and it is so cold that icicles formed off the fountain, and the water froze over, with someone throwing a copper coin onto the surface :)

I hope you enjoy the photos, God bless …


~ by Birgit on December 20, 2009.

10 Responses to “Scenes of Winter”

  1. Thanks, Birgit, so good for the soul. Love, Dad

  2. These pictures are so beautiful. I love winter and need to take some pictures myself. I miss the countryside so much.
    We have lots of snow here and build snowmen. I’m actually looking for a sled for Erion!

  3. Hi Birgit, I’m working till 6.00pm Christmas Eve, hosting Christmas Day at our home and back at work all day Boxing Day. All seemed endless and taxing. Then I saw your photos. The beauty, tranquility and abundance made me stop, take a deep breath, think about the Lord and say “All is well with my soul”. Thank you! Trust you and Michael will enjoy Christmas and that 2010 will be rich in blessings from our heavenly Father’s hand. Love, xoxo

  4. Enjoyed these shots – the deer was very wary but friendly – and great to have seen some of these areas you have photographed. Glad you explained about the coin!
    Love L

  5. These are lovely Birgit. I have a bit of a sense of your walk as I have some photos with very similar scenes. Praying a blessed week for you!

  6. Lovely scenery. Full of tranquility. I hope the time walking, reflecting on His goodness, brings restoration for you, Birgit. I am praying that you can rest in the knowledge of His sovereignty. When life appears to be out of control, He is still calling the shots. We are never away from His presence and His love endures forever. As you say…ferocious love…

  7. I love it! These images are just fabulous! I must say that there is much more green on the ground than I expected to see.

  8. So sorry, dahling, you can’t call that snow. Come to Canada, eh – you wouldn’t have even seen the water fountain. :) Wishing you and Michael a most wonderful Christmas with tons of blessings.

  9. Merry Christmas, Birgit.
    I hope you had a lovely day.

  10. I’m so glad, Dad. Lots of love xo


    I’d love to see the Chicago winter, Susanne. Email me with some photos if you are able to take some :) I hope you do get to buy a sled for Erion, that would be so fun for him, bless him. Lots of love to you! xo


    Dear Carol, it’s such a busy time for you, my heart goes out to you, and I pray that God is holding you and sustaining you. I hope your Christmas day was really happy, with your family.
    I’m so glad that these photos were a little pause for you, and you felt a sense of tranquility. Lots of love to you and your family this Christmas time, and in the year ahead, Birgit xo


    Hi Aunty Lorraine! Yes, the deer was wary :) As long as I was still, he was OK, but the closer I inched, the more ‘alert’ he became. It really was lovely to discover him at the reserve.
    Thinking of you, and look forward to catching up soon xo


    Hi Rain, that’s so lovely these reminded you of scenes that you came across when you lived here. The parks and reserves and the Thames are such beautiful aspects of living in London :) Thank you for prayers. I hope you had a really happy Christmas! xo


    Thank you for your encouraging words here, Michelle, and also your prayer :) It’s hard to summarise what God is showing me over this time, other than, the further we walk with Him, the deeper we go, and the more we are stretched and challenged and changed. It really is not easy sometimes, and I know you understand this. I am thankful we can pray for each other, and I am thankful that when we feel exhausted in our walk by things that happen, He is so strong, and those are not just words, He is. And He truly does not let go. Lots of love to you xo


    I’m so glad you enjoyed them @ngie :) Yes, lots of green! We have had a bit of snow, but not the heavy snowfall as in other parts of the UK. It’s no doubt sunny and warm with lovely long evenings in your part of the world ;) I hope you and DaRonn and all the family have had a really Happy Christmas!
    Thank you too for the encouraging comments you also left on the last few posts too, I loved reading them all.


    Ha, ha, Hope, I can imagine! :D I would really love to see it some time! As freezing as it would be, I’m sure it would be stunning. A really Happy Christmas to you and your family too xo


    Thank you, Michelle, we really did. And I hope you and Phat and your family had a Happy Christmas too, and God’s fullest blessings and love for 2010! :)


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