Beauty in the Hiddenness

Kefalonia Cave II

I came to the end of a day of writing yesterday, made some tea, and sat down with a book.

It’s this beautiful book, all about God’s grace, and His love.

The words made an impression on me at times, and I felt as if this was God. As if it were Him showing me things through this book, about the gravity of His love for us, about the tenderness He feels.

There is this verse in Isaiah that speaks of God giving to us riches from the secret places, and treasures from the darkness (Isaiah 41:23), and for some reason I thought of this, as if He were reaching into the deep, and drawing forth such beauty for me to meditate on.

When I sat down to try and write about all of this late last night, the words wouldn’t come. This is not the first time I’ve felt stopped in the past months, really wanting to write my book, or write in my blog, or minister to a friend in some way, and yet nothing comes.

And so, frustrated, I asked God about it.

And He gave me a picture.

He drew an image to mind of a cave that Michael and I visited three summers ago. It was a cave on the island of Kefalonia in Greece.

To get to this cave, we travelled down a dark path under the ground, and at the end of it came to this scene which is one of the most breathtaking I can remember. It was a lake under the ground.

Far beneath the mountains of this island, and a forest of trees above, was this dark and hidden grotto, and this reservoir of water, hidden and deep.

We travelled out onto the lake in a little boat, the colour of it was like nothing I had ever seen. It was the colour of the sky, but even more brilliant. The most perfect aqua.

As we sat out on the water, a shaft of light broke through, and the lake literally shone.

The memory of it is etched in my mind, and heart.

As I sat with the image of this cave and this water, I felt as if God were showing me a picture of our hearts.

I felt as if He were showing me a picture of doing a deep and hidden work, His light reaching into the deepest parts of us.

His Spirit bringing healing, revelation or rest to those places of need inside us.

That we may be focused on greater output, but He is focused on greater input, and so He draws us away with Him for days, or weeks, or even years. To the outside it may seem as if we are not ‘doing’ as much, but that is OK, because we are exactly where God would have us. His light resting on the hiddenness of our hearts, His Spirit ministering, strengthening, refreshing.

And so He works with tenderness and grace within us, and we are transformed. And as the light shines on the water, and it is radiant, so we are made beautiful in His light, our lives radiant with His glory.

*The lake is called Melassani, in Greek mythology, the cave of the nymphs.


~ by Birgit on January 26, 2010.

10 Responses to “Beauty in the Hiddenness”

  1. Lovely comparison – perfect!

  2. That is a beautiful picture of God’s love, providence and healing. I was in need of that comforting thought this morning and you have given it to me through your post, so many thanks.

    God bless you.


  3. Beautiful !

  4. Dear Desire and Sandy-lee, thanks so much for your lovely comments, God bless, and love to you both ox


    Dear anewcreation, welcome, and thank you for your lovely, and encouraging reply. It’s so true what you say about God’s love and providence and healing in our lives. I was reminded again of His goodness to us through your words. Many blessings to you, Birgit :)

  5. Birgit, that photo is amazing- the colour of the water is so incredible!

    This post also really touched me. Especially what you said about us being focused on output while God is ‘putting in’. How true that is and how easily we become frustrated with where we are at, when really God knows exactly what He’s doing and has us exactly where He wants us. This is encouraging. Thank you :)

  6. Astounding correlation, Birgit. Thank you for sharing these truths. You have a beautiful and attentive soul.

  7. We get so much in the way of, “you should be doing this” or “you should be doing that” that we forget that what we should be doing is what God tells us to do. This post is a great confirmation for me, as this is pretty much just what He’s been saying to me, too. Thanks so much, Birgit. :)

    Love in Him, Cindy

  8. You have beautifully given words to what has been happening in me. I keep wanting to write, thinking I have something that needs to be said. But it doesn’t happen. Instead He continues taking me to His Word and I experience His light shining in the dark, hidden places.

    “And so He works with tenderness and grace within us…”

    Thank you, Birg. And that picture…my goodness…amazing.

  9. Hi Rain :) isn’t that turquoise colour just so beautiful? I’ve never seen anything like it. There was also a beach in a cove with water this colour, it’s just so exquisite.
    I really relate to what you’re saying here about feeling frustrated at times, with the place that God has us. I’m hoping to really grow in my trust in Him in times like this knowing it’s just as you said here – ‘He knows exactly what He’s doing!’ I love that! :)


    Hi @ngie, thank you so much for your encouraging words. I felt really reassured when I prayed about this, and could just feel at rest with what God is doing. Hope you’re well xo


    Hi Cindy, I love this – ‘what we should be doing is what God tells us to do.’ There is such comfort in knowing He has our best at heart, and as we cooperate with Him, that we will be strengthened and find such peace :) Thank you for this encouragement, love and blessings.


    That’s amazing you relate, Michelle. It can be hard can’t it? But what a wonderful thing God seems to be doing in your life just now, drawing you to His Word, and ministering to you. I hope you feel so refreshed by this, and an even closer awareness of His presence and His rest.
    That’s so lovely you enjoyed the picture too, it was such a beautiful moment, with the light breaking through and making the water shine. I love how God finds these unexpected ways and moments to inspire us and delight us. He is so good! :)

  10. […] the start of this year I wrote a post about this kind of work that God does in our hearts. “A deep and hidden work, His light reaching into the deepest parts of us … That we may […]


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