Deadwood and Harvest

Grapes and Soil - Birgit Whelan

"I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Separated, you can’t produce a thing. Anyone who separates from me is deadwood …” Jesus, John 15:5-8.



How I know the feeling of it, this brittleness of spirit. Where fullness in You has seeped away, Your nearness, Your voice, the joy of You, something of yesterday.

And I could speak to You of a hundred reasons why, but You know already, before a word is even on my lips.

The pace of my days. The weariness of my body. A heart captured by something else.

You are the Vine, and You speak of this union with You as our life-blood.

And so it is I discover, as the heart becomes arid, and the spirit faints.

Without You, there is poverty, and only the meagre crumbs of an evening spent, to offer up for today’s fill. And it is not enough. Apart from You, we can do nothing.

But Your covenant with us is an everlasting covenant.

Your love reaches to the heavens, and Your faithfulness to the skies.

Your Spirit, a gentle breeze in my world once more.

And then it falls. 

Grace, like the rain.

Grace, like the rain.

The soil of heart, softens.

What was parched and arid, turns a leaf that is green.

Life, once more.

You speak of this union with You Lord, as intimate, organic. The place from which our lives spring, and flourish in a thousand colours for You. The place we find our pulse, our strength and our vitality. The place of harvest.

Jesus, may Your Spirit of grace rain on our hearts. May we hold fast to You, our Vine. And In You, may our lives flourish, the harvest, rich.


Grapes, Green Leaf - Birgit Whelan

Photos and Prose by Birgit Whelan © Copyright 2011


~ by Birgit on August 20, 2011.

8 Responses to “Deadwood and Harvest”

  1. So lovely and so true Birgit, that was a love song from the Holy Spirit

  2. We must be in the same season. I posted “The Master Gardener” on my site. He’s been pruning! OY! As always Birgit, you’re inspiring.

  3. Thank you, Birgit. Your writing is beautiful, it’s uplifting.

  4. Birgit, you have written this so beautifully and captured so exactly our need for Him, and to stay in Him and with Him. He is the source of our life.

  5. I so neededt to read this. I get really wearyof well doing and seeing the ungodly go about with pride and arrogancem while they leave a trail of devastation anf heartache behng them. I so want justice and vindication. Thank you Lord for using your daugter to remind me to keep letting go, to lean into You and not wander off fromn You the source
    God bless you Birgit.xx

  6. So lovely Cyril, thank you.


    That’s so great Hope, I can’t wait to read your post too! :) So good to see you and thank you for your lovely encouragement, B xo


    I’m so glad you enjoyed this Susanne, and thanks for your lovely reply here, B xo


    Thanks for your lovely reply Rain, I really know what you mean. I was thinking a lot of the apostle John’s words too as I wrote this, about Jesus, and that ‘in Him was life’ (John 1:14). The fullness of that life, the joy of it, the peace, that comes from knowing Him, B xo.

    I’m so sorry to hear of how you’ve been feeling recently, Laura. Just the sense of being a bit run-down spiritually, and frustration at things that seem so not right around you. You are a beautiful daughter of His, and such an encouragement to many, please know I’m praying for you, that God may renew you again with His love and grace (Isaiah 40:31). Love B xo

  7. Beautifully written, B.

    I wonder how many times the head knowledge of Christ being our very source often doesn’t transition to heart knowledge because of our human nature to worry, doubt, fear, etc.?

    I am being more purposeful about making my heart align with my head that God is more than enough.

    Love you sweet sister.


  8. Very true, Ayla, I’m really aware of some of the things I believe about God, and the gap there can be with these things being settled in my heart – really experiencing the peace and freedom of it, I guess … Always a work in progress with God ;)

    I love that you’re being purposeful about this idea of God being more than enough – I hope this fills with you with joy and happiness and peace every time you’re reminded of it!

    Love you too xo


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