God Colours VI - Birgit Whelan


~ by Birgit on August 22, 2011.

6 Responses to “God-Colours”

  1. I have mostly lived by the sea or some water. And when the times have been rough i walk by the shore and talk to God.

    A lovely picture there the peace of God that surpasses all understanding

  2. How can anyone doubt God with scenes like this

  3. Today as you look over the sea there is a mist. But soon the sun will break through and we shall see a mighty and beautiful part of the handwork of God.. He spoke it into existence the same as this lovely scene on here.

  4. Cyril, I so love your replies here, and your lovely words! I also love what you wrote about your walks by the sea with God, and the peacefulness you have felt there, especially at times that have been hard. A beautiful picture of God ministering to us, echoed in His creation. Take care, B

  5. This picture effects me in the same way as Dickens writing does. It uses one sense (in this case “sight”) to arouse another (in this case “sound”)… I can literally hear the water moving quietly… In the same way, when I read Dickens I can literally “see” in my minds eye what he describes… True art. Thank you for sharing it Birgit. You have a talented eye. With love, Freya xxx

  6. This really is so lovely Freya, I’m so glad you liked this photo, and that it gave you a sense of being there. I love what you’ve described here. Love Birgit xo


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