Walk in wild flowers. Walk under the stars. Think about someone you love. Laugh out loud. Laugh until your tummy hurts. Light a candle. Bake a chocolate cake. Eat a big slice. Talk with a friend. Find child-like wonder in the everyday. Swim in the ocean. Feel sand on your skin. Feel sun on your face. Dance when no one is looking. Dance when everyone is looking. Smell jasmine and lavender and pine trees. Hold hands with someone you love. Watch the sunrise. Sit by a window and watch the world. Listen to falling rain. Sit in a bath of bubbles. Lie in a feathery duvet. Bless somebody on purpose. Bless somebody in secret. Sit in the moonlight. Take time to play. Breathe deeply. Be still. Be grateful. Be inspired.


© Copyright 2008 by Birgit Whelan [Originally posted 9 July 2008]


~ by Birgit on September 26, 2012.

8 Responses to “Inspire”

  1. Lovely – even if we did only one of these it would make a difference. Lx

  2. These words inspire me to deliberately seek out the beauty, joy and love that surround us in the simple, day to day things in life. Thank you Birgit for this wonderful and powerful reminder to stop and smell the roses.

  3. Hey there B! Thanks for sharing. It was a beautiful on-time reminder to focus on things that are pure and noble and love and worthy of praise! I hope you are well. Love you XO

  4. Thank you so much Lorraine, Carol and Ayla for your replies here :) Love these what you’ve mentioned about being deliberate to seek out beauty day to day, and to look to what is pure, and lovely and worthy of praise. Love to each of you ox

  5. Love this. Words to live by:)

  6. Really lovely Irene, thank you for your reply :)

  7. I have my own backyard again… Watching the sun shine through the treetops as I sip my morning coffee… Finding small wonders in dew drops and fireflies…Sitting on the back porch under the canopy of trees while the sun is setting… Ending the day with a bubbly bath while lavender and eucalyptus oils help to soothe my mind…

    Thank you for helping me to see the beautiful little moments of inspiration in my day. Love you, Birg. Thanks for emailing…

  8. So beautiful Michelle, sounds absolutely idyllic.
    Moments as small evidences of His love :)
    Love you too – and look forward to more emails! :)
    Birg ox


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