An Encounter with an Angel

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The following testimony was shared with me back in 2007 by a lovely viewer of Revelation TV, for a programme that we were putting together at that time also on this topic of Angels, and which she kindly allowed me to share on my blog. I found this story beautiful, reassuring and inspiring. I hope it also blesses you, as the last post in this series about Angels …


It was an early, winter morning. It was still dark when Derrice received the call. Her mother had been found on the floor, unable to move, unable to communicate, and body contorted. The situation was desperate and the prognosis looked bad.

Derrice arrived at her elderly parents’ home within minutes. She prayed all the way. If her mother was to die today there was so much left to say, so much left to share. And so many questions. Did her mum really know God, Derrice wondered. She grew up in a generation of churchgoing, but you can attend church and still not be saved.

There was an urgency when Derrice arrived with paramedics and other family already making arrangements to transport Glenna to the nearest hospital by ambulance. When she saw her mother, Derrice was shocked and distressed. Glenna’s eyes were wide and frightened, one side of her face was paralysed and her hands were taut and twisted by her body. She could not say a word.

The family formed a circle and prayed to God, interceding for their much loved wife, mother and grandmother.

‘Is it a stroke?’ Derrice asked the medical staff. They thought so, and insisted she get to hospital immediately, as the situation was serious.

Glenna was laid and fastened on the stretcher in the ambulance. A paramedic boarded with her, and strapped himself beside her. Derrice boarded too, and was belted into a seat near-by. The doors were closed, and the ambulance sped away.

The siren blared. Ahead was a sea of red brake lights, as cars parted to make way for their speeding vehicle. They lurched forward as the ambulance took a bend at speed. Just as well Mum is strapped in, Derrice thought.

She looked over at her mother. She looks so frightened. What is she trying to tell us? Will we ever be able to communicate again?

Glenna was extremely distressed, twisting and making noises. Still unable to speak and desperately looking around the ambulance with wide frightened eyes.

Derrice was scared and helpless, what was going to happen to her? She started to pray again. That God would heal her mother and give them all a second chance. That He would give Glenna a divine encounter with Him, so that she would have a chance to know Him for real.

Suddenly the atmosphere in the ambulance changed. Derrice felt a powerful presence over her mother. She recognised this as the presence of God. “I could describe it as a hovering blanket of power or mist,” she says, “but it seems far too holy to describe it in such a way.”

Instantly, Glenna’s hands stopped twisting, the expression in her eyes changed and she became calm. Fear left her. There was a thick peacefulness. At that moment, Glenna’s speech returned.

“I can’t believe it, your mum is talking,” the paramedic said. “That’s the power of prayer.” Derrice replied. “It’s something,” he said, nodding his head in almost disbelief.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

A week later, Derrice sat with Glenna in her hospital room. They talked about the trauma of that morning that had brought them here, and what had happened in the ambulance. “Do you remember anything unusual?” Derrice asked.

“Not really,” Glenna said casually. “Just the three of us in the back of the ambulance, and that other woman.”

Derrice paused, puzzled. There was not another woman in the back of ambulance. “Do you mean the lady at your house earlier, the paramedic?”

“No, not her. That lady said good-bye to us the ambulance door. She asked you if she should drive your Dad to the hospital behind the ambulance.

No, the woman in the ambulance, was a very tall lady. She stepped into the ambulance just before the doors closed.”

Derrice’s heart began to race. Maybe her mum was confused. There was no other woman in the back with them. She began to test Glenna to see if her mind had been muddled, but Glenna recounted every detail correctly – the conversation Derrice had had with the hospital paramedic, where they were each sitting, even the route to the hospital.

“This lady was extremely tall. She had very fair, almost white hair, down to her shoulders. She stepped into the ambulance, with her head down and stood behind the ambulance man next to my bed. She was dressed as a paramedic. I remember you waving at me from your seat, Derrice, then the lady moved forward and stood over me, and I couldn’t see you behind her.”

Derrice remembered how she had sensed the presence of God so strongly over her mother on the journey.

“The lady touched the equipment above me. As she did, she said to me, ‘Don’t worry, you will be alright.’ She had the most beautiful light in her hands as she touched the equipment. Like golden, crystal, diamonds. It was a very bright light and I was admiring how beautiful it was. It seemed to get brighter and brighter, and suddenly it got so bright I couldn’t look at it anymore, and turned my head.”

Derrice remembered the expression in Glenna’s face change, the way she became peaceful, and wondered if that was the moment.

“I did think it was funny, you know,” Glenna said; Derrice looked at her.

“Well, we were all strapped in, but this lady wasn’t. She wasn’t even holding onto anything. The ambulance was going all over the place, and she didn’t fall. I remember this one very sharp turn, and I really thought the lady would fall on me as she was standing right over me, but she didn’t.”

Glenna sat taking it all in, questioning her own sanity. Physically, there had only been three in the back of that ambulance that morning. Her mother, herself and the hospital paramedic. As she reflected, words from Scripture came to her mind, “For He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways,” Psalm 91:11. “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” Hebrews 1:14. The excitement set in. Derrice was filled with awe and joy that an angel of God had ministered healing to her mother. That God had answered her prayer for this healing, and for a divine encounter so that Glenna would know God is real.

“Needless to say, my Mum feels so blessed,” Derrice says. “It has totally changed her. She realises that I am not “quite so mad” after all. And how privileged she is to be healed by Almighty God Himself, through Jesus Christ, who came for us. She of course is back home and doing very well.

The medical staff did think she had a stroke. It didn’t make sense to them though because there was no sign of it on the scan.”

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?  Hebrews 1:14


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For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways.         Psalm 91:11


© Article and Photo by Birgit Whelan Copyright 2014



~ by Birgit on June 9, 2014.

3 Responses to “An Encounter with an Angel”

  1. hi Birgit , thanks for your excellent presentation on ‘to the Point’ on Revelation tv. Annette Murphy from Ireland. By the way is Whelan an Irish surnname?

  2. Hi Annette, thank you for your lovely reply and encouragement about the programme! It’s wonderful you were able to join us, it is such an interesting topic :) Yes, you are exactly right, my married surname is Irish! :) With many blessings to you.

  3. Excellent piece Birgit. Heartwarming and inspirational. :)


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