image Last year at Revelation TV we did a special programme about angels. Many people got in touch about encounters they had had with angels. In most of these stories the angels appeared in human form and at a time of need. They intervened in the situation in either a big, supernatural way, or in a small but vital way. In some stories the angel spoke, bringing some of kind of message or encouragement, and then vanished.

As Christians we know that there is a spiritual realm. The Bible tells us about angelic beings, demonic beings, heaven and hell. We know that we are in the presence of angels and that God gives His angels charge over us, to “keep you in all your ways” Psalm 91:11 – I love that.

We see angels being represented in lots of ways on TV, in books, in movies. For those who know my testimony of being heavily involved in the Occult and New Age before becoming a Christian, I’m also aware that for people who are spiritually open and interested in angels, there is a lot of information out there which from a biblical point of view, is not true. I got very caught up in all of that at one point in my life because I was intrigued by New Age spirituality. It seemed and felt more exciting than what I knew of Christianity. But I got myself in so deeply that it had an extremely destructive effect. All I can say is that the spiritual realm is real. I literally needed God to pull me out. Now I understand that it’s vital to know the source of our spiritual experiences and knowledge. So for that reason I’m going to be looking at angels from a Christian point of view. From what the Bible has to say.

I’m going to look at topics like Guardian Angels, Archangels and Fallen Angels. I’ve got an amazing story to share at the end of a woman who had a personal encounter with an angel. It’s really great. Tomorrow I’m going to do a bit of an introduction about who and what angels are. I just have to say that I’m no expert about angels, I just felt God prompt me to write the series and so all of this is just from what I’ve been learning.

I’d love to hear from you too. Your stories and comments and just generally want you think, so please do leave your comments. For a menu of what’s coming up in the series, click here. See you tomorrow in All About Angels


~ by Birgit on May 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Angels”

  1. Hi Birgles,

    I’m really excited to read about your Angels posts – they would have to be one of the most facinating parts of Christianity to we mere mortals…

    Thanks for putting so much effort into it and sharing your thoughts with us :-)

    Lots of love, Em xxx

  2. Hi Em, thank you so much. It’s been SUCH a blessing studying and writing this. I really felt God prompting it and it’s been amazing. I am just finishing writing up the account of the lady who had an encounter with an angel and it is so amazing. It really fills me with awe that God sends His angels to intervene like this, and reveal His power to us. Definitely come back to read this story, it’s a highlight for me. :)
    Lots of love, Birgs XO

  3. At first I wasn’t sure I was interested in hearing about Angels but then I remembered a couple of things that have happened to me in my past and also dreams I have had and wondered if there was actually some truth in it. I suppose I like to think of the one true God and Angels are just something that give us a feel god factor. But when I was only 15 years old, my brother became involved in the occult and a lot of strange things happened in our home. I was very very scared because the supernatural things that he was experiencing and hearing were certainly not of God. At that time in my life I was questioning a lot of things to do with Church and was starting to get involved in things I shouldn’t and also listening to music which unbeknown to me at the time was probably quite demonic. My brother happened to mention to me that a voice kept telling him to murder me but whenever he went into my room at night he would see a very very tall person standing above me, at least 6 foot 5 he would say. I was terribly frightened to hear this and thought it must be a demon. This caused me a lot of anxiety but only a few years ago, a friend was talking about Angels and how they are very tall and are there to protect us. Finally I realised that God had sent one of his angels to look after me. There have also been other times I have got myself into situations that for some miraculous reason I have been saved from serious repercussions and I wondered, “was this my angel protecting me”? A friend of mine was also involved in a very serious car accident a few years ago and nearly lost his life. When he returned to driving he was overcome with fear as he sat behind the wheel and had his two young children in the back. All of a sudden, he felt an arm of reasurance come round the back of his shoulders and gently rest there. I have heard stories such as this where people have had an arm of reassurance gently touch them just as they needed it most. I would now like to truly believe that Angels really are there for us and that although we cannot see them in the natural, they are there for us. Now I actually would dearly love to see one. I wonder though if I really would like to see one!!!! Can’t wait to hear more about Angels!!!!

  4. Hi Laree, Thanks so much for sharing some of your experiences about angels and the supernatural. What you described about the strange things happening in your home at the time your brother was involved in the occult, sounds scary, and I’ve heard of similar things. I’ve touched on this in my post on ‘Fallen Angels’ and also ‘Angel Spirituality.’
    It’s interesting what you were saying about the height of angels. In the stories that I’ve read about angel appearances, they all are described as very tall, even in the encounter that is coming up at the end of this series. The Bible describes angels as “greater in power and might” (2 Peter 2:11) than us, and so I guess this kind of tall stature is in keeping with that.
    Those stories about being protected and reassured by angels are so nice to read about. How much must God love us to minister to us through angels in these kinds of ways. How amazing it will be on the other side of heaven to see just how many times God sent angels to help us, guard us and minister to us. God bless OX


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